CT police body cam catches dramatic water rescue


(CNN) – This body camera footage shows a Norwalk police officer climb over the guardrail, then down to the river.

He walks through the water to get closer to the car on its roof, then tosses a rope to the other officer and firefighters out there.

Norwalk Police Deputy Chief Edward Prescott said, “The rear of the car was facing upriver so that the current was pushing the water into the car.”

You see the rescuers look to see if anyone’s in the car, then once they realize the driver is still there, work together to force the door open.

Norwalk Police Chief Tom Kulhawik said, “I think the firefighters and the officers were kind of surprised that first of all there was somebody in the car and that the individual was still alive when they got to him.”

Working together they bring the 35 year old man to the shore. Police say had the driver stayed in the water longer, he could’ve had severe hypothermia or drowned.

Chief Kulhawik said, “Very fortunate and I’m very proud of the officers and the teamwork that they showed with the fire department in rescuing the individual.”

Deputy Chief Prescott said, “It’s our job and that’s all the firemen want to know, that they’re doing their job well.”

Fire officials say they used a rescue basket and pulley system to hoist the driver from the river bank.

The driver was taken to Norwalk Hospital with serious injuries, but is expected to recover.

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