Dateline: Before Midnight’ a woman’s mysterious shooting death leaves her family divided


(NBC) — Keith Morrison follows the investigation into the mysterious shooting death of Pam Zimmerman, a successful businesswoman and mother of three, who was found shot in her office. She was the center of her kids’ universe, dedicated to her financial planning firm and had recently gotten engaged. Now the investigation leaves her family divided as they question if justice will be served.

Hear interviews with Pam Zimmerman’s children, friends and more.

Here’s is a preview of Morrison’s report:

Their mom was a rock. Center of their universe. David was 17 years old. The eldest of Pam Zimmerman’s three children. They, not uncommonly, left the lights on for their mom, when she worked late at her financial planning business. Typically, when she got home, she turned the lights off. But this Tuesday morning …

DAVID ZIMMERMAN: Her bedroom is dark, and it looked like no one had been there.

KEITH MORRISON: Tell me what was going on in your mind when you saw that?

DAVID ZIMMERMAN: I was like, “All right, she didn’t come home, so where is she?”

And just two doors down the street, one of Pam’s closest friends, Julie Koh, was still in her pajamas.

JULIE KOH: So I walked down here and knocked on the front door, and David answered. I said, “Where’s your mom?” And he said, “I don’t know. She didn’t come home last night.”

Maybe, thought Julie, maybe there was some simple explanation. She rushed home, got dressed, jumped in her car and headed straight to Pam’s office. Julie Koe pulled into the parking lot. And right away, she saw something that would lead her to call 911.

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