DATELINE: One Moment


(NBC) – Growing up, sisters Crystal, Michelle and Monica Taylor were always there for each other.

“We have this tradition of having a family support group” Monica Walker

“I thought it was the most wonderful family that was my mom and I were best friends and my little sister were best friends. And, you know, so, I thought life was great.” Michelle

“I’m the oldest. Michelle’s the middle, and Crystie was the baby. And she was every bit the baby. She’s my mom’s baby.” Monica Walker

Crystal Taylor was the youngest by six years, and both older sisters thought Momo loved Crystie a little extra. Spoiled her too, say Michelle and Monica. Tia, her niece, remembers Crystie as both a homebody and a romantic dreamer.

“She wasn’t flashy. She wasn’t someone who, like, shopped a lot. She was just a really down to earth, simple, just happy to be at home watching movies. I know she wanted love. I know that she– she wanted– a fairy tale life. I know she always talked about it, but, you know, she was happy with the life that she had.” Tikketa Carter

The life she has, working, being with family and raising a son who was born the very day she turned 17. Crystal called her little boy Javonte. Wrapped in the blanket of her big family, Crystal knew she and Javonte would do just fine.

When Crystal Taylor was murdered, her sisters were determined to find the killer. Josh Mankiewicz reports on the unexpected source who turned the case upside down. Watch Dateline tonight on 22News 9PM.

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