‘Dateline’ profiles bizarre disappearance of missing surgeon known as ‘The Runaway Doctor’


(NBC News) – Tonight on “Dateline,” the latest in a bizarre story about a surgeon dubbed “The Runaway Doctor.” Dr. Mark Weinberger vanished while he and his wife Michelle were vacationing in the Greek Isles, leaving behind financial ruin and a growing number of malpractice suits from patients in the U.S.

The question of his whereabouts remains unanswered for five years until a woman halfway across the world discovers the truth. Friday’s two-hour broadcast will reveal the latest in the decades-long story of massive greed and betrayal. Where he is today might shock you.

Here’s a preview of Rob Stafford’s report:

How far would you go for the truth? Especially, when it could solve the mystery around someone you love?

MICHELLE: I began to tape together the shredded documents until I could see the name of a hotel in Paris, I go to Paris, I do. And, looking at that point, just for the reason why.

Why. Why it happened to her, to them, to those they loved. The lives destroyed.

VALERIE THOMAS: I was angry, I’m still angry, I just wanted justice for my daughter. The fact that he did that to a child.

ROB: How did you get through it?

PEGGY: Somebody had to fight for Phyllis.

It’s a story two decades in the making, of massive greed and betrayal. A tale, as tall as a mountain, as cold as a jail cell. That has taken one more bizarre turn.

ROB: What do you think looking at that?

PEGGY: I guess the unfairness in the world.

VALERIE: From losing cars, almost losing my house, just to see that picture is hard.

SHAWN: That’s horrifying. Like it’s straight-up horrifying.

You can watch “Dateline: A Wanted Man” tonight at 9 p.m. on 22News.

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