(WWLP) – It’s a burden for many people post college: paying off student loans. The White House extending the student loan pause again, this time through August.

While this extended pause does provide some relief right now, graduates 22News spoke with are looking at the bigger picture, saying they hope student loan debt will be canceled altogether.

Taran Morse of Springfield is like many post-graduates, living paycheck to paycheck.

“I’ve switched though many jobs during the pandemic due to things closing down, lack of hours, many different reasons, and its terrible,” Morse said.

The financial stress of the pandemic is not helping, and the last thing he needs is a huge student loan to pay off.

“It’s really a burden, actually,” Morse continued. “I’m pretty sure it feels like that for a lot of people, especially in my area and at my age. It really has a big impact on financial living situations, housing, everything.”

Morse won’t have to worry about paying off his student loans for the next few months though, the Biden administration once again extending the federal student loan moratorium through August 31st. Federal student loan borrowers haven’t had to make payments since March 2020 to help ease the financial burden of the pandemic.

Progressive politicians have been urging the Biden administration to not only pause student loan, but also forgive them up to $50,000 dollars. 22News spoke with a college student who says that would change her life.

Sharissa Cuello, a student at AIC, told 22News, “I’m here, working at school. I have a job working outside of school. I’m paying my own bills. If I had that money taken care of, I could afford to go get my masters.”

President Biden has said he would support signing legislation that cancels $10,000 in student loan debt.

According to some national studies, student debt and the struggle to pay it back disproportionately affects people of color. The highest default rates, among students who attended for-profit universities.

Data shows borrowers in Massachusetts have racked up just over $30 billion in student loan debt.