Did you own an original PS3? You might be eligible for a settlement


(WCMH) – If you ever owned an original PlayStation 3 console, you may be eligible for a $65 refund as part of a legal settlement.

According to PC Magazine, the settlement applies to owners of the original release of the console, or the ‘phat’ PS3. The slim PS3 is not eligible.

When the PS3 first launched in 2006, it included the ability to install another operating system on the console. When the slim model was released, that feature was no longer included. A firmware update to the original consoles removed the feature from the older devices as well.

The removal of the feature led to a class action lawsuit, which was eventually settled in 2016.

You may be eligible for the settlement if you purchased a PS3 between November 1, 2006 and April 1, 2010 from an authorized retailer. You have until April 15 to file a claim.Tap here for more information about how to file a claim.

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