(CNN/WFXT) – Police are trying to find out who vandalized Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters in Massachusetts.

Someone spray-painted profanity and other offensive words on the campaign office in Littleton Saturday.

“I don’t know how they got away with it to be honest. The police station is yards down the road”

It was dark when it was done but after it was done, everyone could see it.

Hugh Mcgovern of Littleton told WFXT, “Right in the middle of downtown Littleton.”

The brand new Donald Trump campaign headquarters in Massachusetts was vandalized overnight. In red and gold spray paint, vandals wrote ‘pig’ and ‘trump go home’. As well as some other messages.

Chief Matthew King of the Littleton police told WFXT, “It was pretty vulgar and I rather not repeat it” Littleton police are now investigating, even pulling surveillance video from nearby businesses and mass dot traffic cams.

They believe it happened sometime between 2 and 5 in the morning on Saturday. “Some of the images drawn leads us to believe it was someone on the younger side,” said Chief King

We talked to the Trump campaign on the phone. They say it’s upsetting someone would do this but they’re grateful volunteers spent the day cleaning it up. Trump’s campaign just opened the Massachusetts headquarters a week or two ago in the historic Littleton building. “This is someone else’s property they are destroying. Very childish.”

“You certainly have the right if you don’t like a candidate to tell them you don’t like them and protest against them but you certainly don’t have the right to do a criminal act,” said Chief King.

Trump could reportedly pay a visit to his headquarters in Littleton in the coming weeks.Copyright 2016 CNN/WFXT