SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – People of all faiths came together in Springfield, Wednesday night, to fight the mistreatment of Muslims.

The faith-based human rights organization “Jewish Voice for Peace” invited partners, friends and community leaders to fight Islamophobia is the fear of Muslims.

Rebecca Abrams from Western Mass. Jewish Voice For Peace told 22News, “It’s the most important thing as Jews to stand up for all of neighbors who are being oppressed.”

This rally was one of 25, organized by the Jewish Voice For Peace at cities across the country. Activists held signs to express their goal of racial equality.

“Especially right now as waves of Islamophobia are rising all over the country, and have been for some time. We’re out here fighting both the deeply ingrained  Islamophobia and racism and new waves of hate crimes that have been rising since the election,” said Abrams.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has counted 867 hate incidents since the elections. An organizer told 22News the reason they chose this highly visible intersection at Walnut and State streets, is to spread hope in a dark time.

Barbara Magnuson of South Hadley said, “We need to take to the streets and show publicly that we support one another, and that one man’s hateful rhetoric is not going to define us.”

Jewish community members partnered with Arise, and the Western Massachusetts Coalition for Palestine.