Dr. Phil – “Accused of faking pregnancies and baby deaths: Amie’s explosive reaction”

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Courtney, who claims her former friend Amie had masterminded and fabricated multiple pregnancies and baby deaths.

Courtney claims Amie’s alleged baby scam was very elaborate; from posting sonograms, ultrasounds and maternity photos to even having a baby shower for her expected twins. Courtney claims Amie has even gone as far as sending photos of stillborn twins to one of the supposed fathers-to-be.

Amie insists Courtney’s allegations are all disgusting lies and wants her to back off and stop making a mockery of her lost children’s lives.

For the first time in two years, these two women came face-to-face.

Today, Dr. Phil asks Amie to answer many questions surrounding her pregnancies, such as why there are no death records of her deceased children.

Will Amie be able to prove she is telling the truth? Plus, what causes Amie to walk off the stage and have an explosive meltdown backstage?Watch Dr. Phil today at 3 on 22News.

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