HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (CBS) – Eighteen-year-old Maddy’s family say they are terrified she is being “groomed” by a man in Argentina and are worried she is going to be sold as a sex slave!

Maddy’s mom, Tonia, says Maddy met her “boyfriend,” 19-year-old Andres, through a video game 13 months ago and ever since then, she’s been determined to fly to Argentina and start a new life with a man she has never met in person.

Maddy says that Andres has promised her a place to live, money to spend, and even assured Maddy he would assist her with getting schooling once she arrives in Argentina.

Maddy says the reason she came on the Dr. Phil show is so she can prove her family wrong, because she says she knows there is no way her online boyfriend is the sex trafficking criminal her family believes he could be.

Is Andres the person he claims to be? See what happens!