NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – New York City Police are asking residents to put a tracking device in their cars in the event that it’s stolen.

This warning is in regards to social media trends that have been contributing to car theft across the country. 22News spoke with local tech experts about how this would work.

They explained that a product, such as an “Apple AirTag,” is affordable and small, and can be placed inside a car. But, mostly in the vehicle’s glove box, where experts tell us it’s less likely to be found. If a vehicle is stolen the tag can communicate with other apple devices and broadcast its location, which then people should contact the police to recover the vehicle.

“It is a very easy way for people to track everything from their lost keys to their car. Where they may not remember where they parked it. There’s a number of things that can be tracked including stolen vehicles,” said Tony Russell-Smith, Service Technician at YES Computers in Northampton.

If you are not an owner of an Apple phone, Russell-Smith adds that there are tracking devices for other smart phone brands.