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Drivers experiencing longer lines at the RMV


Drivers told 22News they’re used to waiting in lines out front of the RMV, but recently they’ve found themselves waiting longer than normal.

The Springfield RMV opened at 9 o’clock Wednesday morning, when 22News got there around 8:00, there were almost 50 people waiting outside.

22News spoke to multiple people at the Springfield RMV Wednesday,  who said they were back for a second day in a row after waiting in line for hours on Tuesday and not being serviced.

Last month, all RMV services were shut down for a few days due to a scheduled technology upgrade.The upgrade was said to provide customers with a quicker and easier experience at the RMV and online, but one person told 22News that hasn’t been the case for him. 

“Yesterday I came in at 11:30 and I was not seen until 3 o’clock,” said Harry Berrios. ” They have a new system.. it was down in the morning. That’s why they said they were backed up. I feel like if it’s a new system it should work perfect.”

22News was quickly asked to leave the RMV once people began expressing their frustration about RMV experiences.

MassDOT sent this statement to 22News: 

The Registry is focused on the goal of serving most customers in 30 minutes or less, however, as we fulfill new federal and state requirements with new software for customers to get or renew a driver’s license, ID card or learner’s permit, the temporary goal is to serve the majority of customers in 60 minutes or less as more customers than ever need to do in-person transactions and present more documents, and Registry employees must now verify and scan a higher number of documents to complete a transaction.  Wait times continue to be longer than we would like but, the average wait time has been improving:  for the week ending March 30, on average, 37 percent of customers waited longer than an hour to be served and for the week ending April 6, on average, 31 percent of customers waited longer than an hour to be served.”

The state posted on its website that RMVs have been experiencing longer than normal wait times. 

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