Chicopee, Mass. (WWLP) – Massachusetts is one step closer to passing a law that could help prevent drunk driving.

On July 23rd the Massachusetts senate passed life-saving drunk driving legislation that would require first time drunk driving offenders to use an ignition interlock. Drivers will be required to blow into a device before their car will start. Legislators hope this will prevent repeat drunk driving offenses. Prior to this legislation, Massachusetts drivers had to use the ignition interlock if they had 2 drunk driving offenses.

“People will ultimately do what they are going to do but at least the laws reflect that it is not expected and hopefully people will think twice before doing it,” Michael Fabrizi of Agawam told 22News.

28 states have similar laws including NY, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine. According to a recent MADD report, ignition interlocks have prevented drunk drivers from starting their vehicles an astounding 37,983 times since 2006.