MONSON, Mass. (WWLP) – Late fee, after late fee, after late fee, and it wasn’t a mistake.

Karon Paulhus of Monson recently became an E-ZPass holder, which automatically pays your toll bill for you; however, Paulhus told 22News she found a flaw in the system. “I immediately thought it was a mistake because I saw a late fee….We found out that pay by plate and easy pass don’t coordinate with each other.”

When you receive an E-ZPass, it will not automatically pay prior toll charges, even if they’re all in the same month. So if you don’t make a separate payment, you’ll get stuck with a $1 fee for every single toll that wasn’t paid.

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Paulhus said, “22nd of February, 28 times we had a late fee of a dollar. I told them that I thought it was ridiculously high.”

To put that $1 fee in perspective, there’s 4 tolls between Westfield and Charlton. If you make that commute every day for work, and miss your payment after 30 days, you’d have $160 in late fees, and that doubles after 60 days.

“If you’re somebody that frequently travels on the Massachusetts Turnpike, and you go under gantry, after gantry, after gantry 100 times a month, your late fee could be $100,” Paulhus said.

We called the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Spokesman Patrick Marvin sent us the following statement:

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is committed to excellent customer service and ensuring toll charges are collected without unfairly burdening drivers with substantial fines. MassDOT encourages all drivers to check their accounts on a regular basis as they do with credit card, bank and other financial statements and ensure payments are made on time.

So a warning for anyone who’s switching to an E-ZPass, call the E-ZPass MA customer service center at (877) 627-7745 or email them at