(CNN) – Not many people come to work right after a party, but there’s a new movement that’s got people doing just that.  They’ve come to get mentally and physically energized before starting their day.

“Yoga class was awesome. It was everything I thought a yoga class should be real relaxed just had the nice music, good vibe then all of a sudden it just shift gears,” said Justin Edwards.

To this, a full-fledged early morning dance party happening in an historic part of Atlanta.  The concept started in New York and now it’s become a worldwide movement, it’s called Daybreaker.

“An opportunity to experience people commuting, music, health and wellness in a space that was alcohol free and really design an intentional community for those that want to wake up early and bring energy to a space and then bring it back to their work,” said Organizer James Andrews.

It’s not only a mind, body and soul experience, but also an opportunity to network with professionals on all levels.

“I found in the Daybreaker community that there’s a great mix of corporate folks and the start up community,” said Kat Cole, president of Cinnabon.

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