LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Applications for early voting through the mail are expected to be sent out to Massachusetts Residents soon.

In June, Massachusetts state Governor Charlie Baker signed into law an elections reform package that makes mail-in voting a permanent option in Massachusetts.

This is a big deal for Massachusetts residents ahead of the Massachusetts State Primary on September 6th. Mail-in voting opens the option to cast ballots to people who can’t get to the polls because of work, travel, or other responsibilities.

Mail-in voting makes it accessible for everyone to cast their ballots, especially for people with physical disabilities or compromised immune systems that can’t vote in person.

22News spoke with some voters about their opinions on mail-in voting becoming a permanent option.

“It’s really exciting that we now have a law in Massachusetts that allows people to register to vote by mail every year, regardless of their situation,” said Tara Parrish of Springfield. “It just means that it’s easier for people to cast their votes and that’s what we need. We need to make it as easy as possible for people to participate in our democratic process.”

Previously mail-in voting was just available on a temporary basis due to the pandemic. This new option could have an impact and increase in voter turnout for the upcoming elections within the state.

“In order for them to be able to participate we have to make sure that they can get to the poll however that looks,” Parrish added.

Residents must complete the mail-in voting application and submit it to the local election office by 5p.m. on the fifth business day before an election.

Jorge Nuñez of Springfield told 22News, “We need to take advantage of the new technology, and mailing will save time and money.”

“It’ll make the convenience a lot easier you know, mailing,” Angel Nuñez added, “You can mail at any time. It doesn’t really matter at what time you do it, you can just send it out.”

The state primary is on September 6th and the deadline for the mail-in ballot application is August 29th.