SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Sunday was a beautiful day to continue celebrating our planet.

Earth Day celebrations continued Sunday at the Springfield Museums at their Earth Day Festival. Children and adults spent their day outside in the sunshine to learn the importance of keeping our planet clean. Visitors took part in different Earth Day activities, such as learning what is true and false about gardening.

You could also find organizations such as the Hampden County Bee Keepers helping to educate people on bees. Tom Felbotte, President of the Hampden County Bee Keepers, told 22News, “The bees need our help, so everyone can help out by planting pollinated friendly flowers.”

Earth Day is not only a day to give back to our planet, but it’s a day to educate yourself on how you can help our Earth each and every day.

22News talked with one master gardener who remembers when Earth Day started, and why a day like Earth Day is so important to continue to celebrate throughout the years ahead. Kathleen Coffey, master gardener, told 22News, “Earth Day reminds me of when I was back in college. The first Earth Day occurred when I was in college, and I actually experienced that, and I saw the enthusiasm of the science students, and the knowledge, and the research we had at the time, and how they wanted to share that with all of us.”

Taking part in cleaning our Earth is just as important as learning and educating ourselves about our planet. It begins with awareness.