EAST LONGMEADOW, MA. (WWLP) – Veterans Day in East Longmeadow started with a short parade, followed by the placing of wreaths at the Veterans Monument and the Memorial Marker. Many veterans were in attendance, grateful for the recognition and the opportunity to honor lost friends.

“I went to school with them, I worked with them, I served with them.. and every year I am here to say goodbye to them again,” said veteran and Purple Heart recipient Don Millett from East Longmeadow.

“On the back of my shirt here it says some gave all, all gave some and we need to acknowledge that,” said Bill Caplin, a veteran from East Longmeadow.

Jennifer Dauten Nichols traveled from Virginia to attend the ceremony which was honoring her father, Frederick Dauten Jr. Dauten Jr. was a pilot in Vietnam who was shot down delivering supplies. Nichols was moved when she learned he was going to be recognized.

“So grateful, so grateful. Yes it’s very special, said Nichols. “To support the country, the way of life the people in it, it’s just special. I don’t know how else to say it.”