SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A new set of stop signs has been unveiled in one Springfield neighborhood and it’s causing frustration among drivers.

A brand new four-way stop sign at the intersection of East Street and Bowles Park in Springfield appeared this week. Residents who live in the area say many drivers are blowing right through it because they are unaware the sign is there.

Previously, it was only a two-way stop but with Springfield Prep Charter School right down the road from the intersection, the city hopes the added intersection will slow drivers down.

One woman knows all too well how dangerous it can be when people drive too fast — especially through crosswalks.

“It’s great to have it there but people who aren’t familiar with the area just need to be extra careful. I have a son that, as a teenager, was hit in a crosswalk and that is a call you never want to receive whether it be a pedestrian or a car accident,” said Vanessa Brant of Chicopee.

There are new signs to indicate to drivers that a new stop sign is there. It’s unclear when the new stops signs first arrived, but drivers spoke to said they first noticed them on Monday. Again, it’s to hopefully slow down traffic in the area.