EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) — 22News continues our coverage of the superintendent controversy in Easthampton and the transphobic accusations that have come to light against one of the former candidates.

“I don’t think she should have put that out there,” expressed former educator and Ludlow resident, Trish Martins, “She shouldn’t have put that out there because it does look anti-transgender.”

Dr. Erica Faginksi Stark, who recently withdrew her bid for the position of Superintendent of Easthampton Public Schools, is being accused of using quotes “conservative transphobic rhetoric” on her social media by an Easthampton School’s Gay Straight Alliance. Faginksi-Stark currently serves as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Ludlow Schools.

“Being a director, being a teacher even, you shouldn’t be putting that out there because you might have kids in your classroom that are [transgender]. And for me, it’s like, just be kind,” added Martins.

22News showed those social media posts to Ludlow residents. Trish Martins is a former educator in Western Massachusetts. The screenshots from Faginski-Stark’s social media show she posted a video from a right-wing outlet that was commenting on transgender athletes in women’s sports, along with a separate post about TitleIX protections for women’s sports.

Martins says a classroom should be an inclusive space for all students, “My second year of teaching I did have a child and she had two moms. She was a kindergartener and she accepted that, and my classroom, they accepted that. They were like “how come she has two moms?” and I’m like, “Yeah! She has two moms! Some people have two moms! Some people have two dads!”
And that’s the way you kinda have to portray it. Nobody can judge, because love is love.”

22News has reached out to Dr. Faginski Stark, as well as the Superintendent of Ludlow Public Schools. We’ll have their responses once we hear back.