BOSTON (WWLP) – Formal lawmaking ended on August 1st, but a crucial bill remains unfinished.

It’s been back-and-forth for months now when it comes to the economic development bill. The roughly $4 billion dollar bill still remains in the conference committee.

August and September brought informal sessions, which are usually scarcely attended and are used to pass uncontroversial bills. It’s now officially three months since the fiscal year 2022 drew to a close, and the economic development bill remains motionless.

The bill includes roughly $1 billion in tax relief, $500 million of which would go out to taxpayers in one-time tax relief rebate checks, and about another $500 million in permanent tax cuts. Also included in the funding is money for clean energy and infrastructure.

The legislation now sits in front of a six-person conference committee, all of whom have remained tight-lipped on the bill. A spokesperson for House Speaker Ron Mariano said:

“The conference committee tasked with negotiating an economic development package is actively working”

The bill was originally put on ice when Chapter 62F was triggered, but that has since been finalized. If the bill were to make it to the governor’s desk, it most likely would not include the bonding aspect of the bill. The legislature needs to approve bonding with roll call votes, which does not happen in informal sessions. Formal sessions are not scheduled to start until the next term begins in January.