Efforts increasing to get electors to vote against Trump


NOBLE COUNTY, Ind. (WANE)- The Electoral College votes next week and people across the country have increased efforts to convince members to vote against President-elect Donald Trump.

Randy Kirkpatrick, Chairman of the Republican Party in Noble County, Indiana, said he received more than 77,000 e-mails, letters and phone calls.

“An email comes through every minute, of every day, of every week, of every month,” said Kirkpatrick.

Most of them asking him to vote for Hillary Clinton while others just want him to vote for anyone else but Trump. Kirkpatrick said some of them are even threatening.

“I was very surprised after the election when I started receiving emails,” he said. “Some had a very good story on why I should change it. Some called me names.”

Kirkpatrick is serving as an Indiana elector for the first time. He and ten others will officially vote Monday for President-elect Donald Trump. He said he is not phased by the demands to change his vote. He said it’s his job to represent the voters of Indiana.

“My story is that I live in Indiana,” he said. “I’m an elector for Indiana. Trump won the electoral vote and the popular vote in Indiana. I’m going to vote for Trump in both cases.”

According to political analyst Mike Wolf the push to change electors’ minds isn’t unusual, especially in close elections. Wolf said it probably won’t happen, though.

“It’s unlikely they will be able to reach enough people in enough of the key states to make a difference to hurt the electoral collage,” said Wolf.

Which is the case for Kirkpatrick.

“I don’t care how many emails I get, how many letters I get, or phone calls,” said Kirkpatrick. “I will do the job I was asked to do.”

Indiana’s electors head to the Statehouse Monday morning to vote.

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