Dr. Phil – “Jilly Juice: Claims to cure cancer, regrow missing limbs, reverse aging”


Jillian claims she created a juice that can cure any disease and illness from A-Z, and could help you live until you are 400 years old.

She says “Jilly Juice” can also potentially regrow missing limbs and organs.

Angie says she gives the juice to her entire family, and claims it has cured her 12-year-old daughter’s ADD/ADHD and lessened the severity of her 4-year-old son’s autism.

Brigitte also claims the juice is a “miracle” cure that cleared up her psoriasis.

Jillian claims “Jilly Juice” can even cure Dr. Phil’s type 2 diabetes. Find out what Dr. Phil has to say about that.

However, Karin and Mikki claim Jillian’s cure-all juice gave them violent diarrhea and caused both of them to have a stroke.

Karin says when they complained to Jillian about the side effects of her juice, Jillian called her a “fear monger” and blocked her from her online group.

And find out what a doctor Dr. Phil producers contacted says about Jillian’s claims.

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