Dr. Phil – “My wife’s son can’t function in society and I’m ready to kick him out”


Sandy wrote into the show because she says her 22-year-old son, Dylan’s, life has been halted since his best friend died of a drug overdose almost two years ago.

Dylan, who tried to revive his friend by doing CPR, says that he partially blames himself for his friend’s death, and that his stepdad, Thomas, doesn’t understand his pain. Now, Dylan sleeps up to 13 hours a day, and Sandy says she walks on eggshells and fears waking him before noon.

Thomas says Dylan was a defiant child in every way and gets away with it because his mother and father don’t give any discipline or consequences. He says that the table was set before he came in the picture, but if Dylan was his biological son, he would force him to do what he’s told. He says that Dylan lives rent-free in his house and if he tries to punish him, Dylan just runs back to his dad’s.

Thomas says he’s fed up with having Dylan under his roof without following the rules, and he’s ready to kick his stepson out if he doesn’t fall in line.

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