‘La Brea’ star Zyra Gorecki opens up on inspirational role


(NBC) – The Knockout Rounds continue tonight on NBC’s “The Voice” with Ed Sheeran serving as Mega Mentor that’s followed by a new episode of “La Brea” and that show is the first major acting role for one of its young stars a 19-year-old who’s one of the rare amputees with a regular spot on network television.

Shooting this opening sequence for the “La Brea” premiere episode was taxing for Zyra Gorecki.

“I think more emotionally stressful than physically because I, you know, I’ve been in good shape my whole life,” said Gorecki. “And I have really, really good legs.”

But one of those legs is a prosthetic. A logging accident forced amputation below the knee when Gorecki was just 13.

“I don’t know if it’s just my family, and you know, how we react to things that most people would think were devastating, but to me, having my leg cut off wasn’t a devastation, it was just another thing in life that you deal with,” she said.

Her sense of humor about her lost limb was evident on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” when she revealed she had “one foot in the grave” tattooed on her remaining foot.

Her comfort with her prosthetic is such that, when the show digitally restored her leg for a flashback scene, she was shaken.

“I looked at it and went, ‘That’s not me, that’s wrong. I don’t like that. No, no, you probably should get that cut off,'” she said.

It’s a spirit that’s helped endear her to Eoin Macken, the actor who plays the father to her character, Izzy.

“She’s a force of nature and I felt very lucky that I had Zyra to work with because, you know, if you’re going to play a father-daughter situation on screen, you need to have really good chemistry and Zyra’s a gem,” said Macken.

A gem that is conscious of her chance to inspire other amputees.

“To see somebody on camera do whatever the heck they want to do is amazing,” Gorecki said.

A resolve that might also be handy for the characters facing the amazing on “La Brea.”

“La Brea” airs tonight at 9 p.m., right after “The Voice” and just before a new episode of “New Amsterdam.”

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