“This Is Us” – Melanie Librund


Melanie Liburd was the newcomer on “This Is Us” this season, but it didn’t take long to feel part of the family.

 “As a newbie coming on to a set, they realize how difficult that can be sometimes, and slightly intimidating, and everyone was absolutely lovely!” she says.

 The British actress took on the role of Zoe, not only Kevin’s love interest, but also Beth’s cousin. 

 The revelation of sexual abuse by her father complicates Zoe’s new relationship, but hasn’t doomed it. 

 “She has opened up to him, and it’s such a lovely story line,” Liburd says. “And he’s opened up to her and they really compliment each other.”

 Tonight’s episode spotlights Zoe’s connection with her cousin, and Beth’s mom…played by Phylicia Rashad.

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