BOSTON (WWLP) – Environmental groups are calling on Governor Charlie Baker and state lawmakers to be bolder on clean energy.

The Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) claims that ratepayers would end up saving money if lawmakers focused more on expanding clean energy in the state.

About two dozen environmental groups set up booths in the State House’s Great Hall Monday, highlighting their top legislative priorities; from farming in clean water initiatives to improving energy efficiency.

The Environmental League of Massachusetts wants to pass a law requiring home energy audits to assess how much energy your home consumes, and whether you could be saving money on electricity. Members of the ELM told 22News that the state could do a better job reducing pollution, especially with transportation.

“Improve our transit system, help people get out of their cars and get around affordably and sustainably and in a way that is equitable across the Commonwealth,” Erica Mattison of the ELM said.

The event was a way for new legislators to learn more about environmental issues.