Expect a busy 4th of July weekend at the airport

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WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – Most Fourth of July travelers will be heading to their destinations by car, but huge numbers will still be traveling by plane. This holiday weekend is expected to be one of the busiest ever.

22News spoke with excited travelers who were headed to Florida for their holiday weekend. “Family place is right on the beach and we watch the fireworks off the pier,” said Robin Calamo.

Natalie Medeiros was traveling with her sister and parents to Florida. “We’re going all over Florida for a couple of weeks,” she said.

If you are flying, there are many reminders to keep your journey smooth and safe.

There’s boosted security at airports across the country, especially after this week’s terror attack at an airport in Istanbul, Turkey. At Bradley, there was a police dog and Connecticut State Police station set up in the terminal alongside the Transportation Safety Administration security lines. With the heightened security and higher volume of passengers, the TSA recommends that you arrive at the airport two hours early if you are taking a domestic flight, and three hours early if you are flying internationally.

“You get nervous but you know I have faith in our security…I don’t know if I would go overseas right now but within the country I feel pretty good,” Calamo told 22News about her flying concerns.

You can expedite the process by having your identification and boarding pass ready at security. If you’re packing sunscreen or bug repellent, the containers must be 3.4 ounces or less for carry-on bags. Remember that even though fireworks are legal in 47 states, they are not allowed in carry-on bags or in checked luggage. They will be confiscated prior to your flight if you bring them with you. The TSA also recommends considering their Pre-Check program for faster time through security.

One man headed to Florida said he appreciates any added security measures he notices. “That’s what it’s all about. Making sure we are safe,” said Randy Robinson. He said he had no concerns and believed the country protects everyone well.

As always, TSA, state police and local police advise everyone that if you “see something, say something.”

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