CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) — The wet summer rain is likely staying around in the fall this year. The 22News Storm Team is Working for You with a look at why that is.

To explain this, first we need to look at the types of precipitation. We’re obviously looking at rain in this instance. Rain is fueled by warm air. This warm air evaporates water, and brings it up into the atmosphere.

When more of that evaporated water gets into the clouds, those molecules begin to rub against each other. They get so dense that they drop in the form of rain.

Lately there has been a lot warmer sea surface temperatures and these warmer sea temperatures have been especially prominent in the Gulf. That’s why we’ve had so many hurricanes in the past few months. Then the jet streams bring those streams up, and they start to hit us.

Here’s a look at what were seeing today. This low pressure system is met with a cold front from the west bringing rain from both sides, and it’s looking like that rain could stick around during the fall.

Jack Wu joined the 22News Storm Team in July 2023. Follow Jack on X @the_jackwu and view his bio to see more of his work.