SOUTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – According to Southampton Fire Chief John Workman, a fire Thursday last night in Southampton that may have been caused by a ceiling fan spread through the house, eventually igniting a propane tank.

Workman said the heat from the fire caused the tank to explode. Workman also said this kind of explosion is especially dangerous because the tank can act like a rocket, but in this case that didn’t happen.

Photo courtesy of Southampton Fire Department

Half the house was damaged by fire, but the other half of the house has water and smoke damage, so the house is probably an entire loss. The Westfield, Westhampton, Holyoke, Montgomery, and West River fire departments assisted with the effort to put out the fire.

Ceiling fans can cause fires when they overheat. Workman said the low setting of a ceiling fan can cause the motor to overheat, which can ignite an electrical fire. However, the cause of this fire is still being investigated by the Fire Marshall and the official cause has not been released.