FACT CHECK: Why do Siri, Google include ‘police officer’ as a definition of ‘demon?’


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Posts on social media claim that if you ask Siri to “define demon,” one of the definitions that comes up is “NOUN Police Officer.” Many of the posts point to it as evidence of “war on law enforcement.” Although it is true that Siri, Google and Dictionary.com all have similar entries, we checked, there is more to the story.

In some English speaking countries “demon” is a slang term for police officer and not even a particularly derogatory term. This is the case in both Australia and New Zealand. The term is listed on most online accounts of Australian slang like this one.

Other slang terms for officers also show up in similar searches. “Copper” for example lists “police officer” as a definition.

However, some users and law enforcement supporters believe it’s an intentional insult to police officers. Given the heightened tensions in communities across the country, they are concerned about the definition being aimed at police and other law enforcement. The website “Law Enforcement Today” says “as if things are not bad enough for police officers, with it becoming more common then not that they are considered the enemy, they are now considered demons by Siri, Google and Dictionary.com.”


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