Family genetics hold clues to life expectancy

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(CNN) – How to live longer is a mystery many would like to solve. Ever wonder how long you’re going to live? Your parents might have the answer.

The journal of the American college of cardiology published a study that shows the longer your parents live, the longer you could stick around. If a parent reached the age of 70 or older, an offspring’s risk of early death dropped 17% and continued to fall as their parents grew older.

Also, children with longer-lived parents have lower incidents of heart disease, stroke, hypertension, anemia, and high cholesterol compared to those whose parents died young.

However, the reasons for these findings are unknown. It could be based on great family genetics. Or it could be behavioral tendencies. Parents who have never smoked, eat well, and exercise regularly most likely pass on a healthy lifestyle to their child.

Higher levels of education, income, and physical activity were also common among those with longer-lived parents. Which leads researchers to believe that the environment of a child also plays a role.

Even though the studies show that there’s a link between parental age and their offspring’s longevity, a well-balanced lifestyle will almost always lead to a longer, happier life.

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