Family: Girl, 11, saved from abduction when pet beagle bit suspect

A Texas family says a pet beagle saved an 11-year-old girl from being kidnapped.

Now, authorities are looking for the suspect.

Inside this Pasadena townhome community, called Willow Oaks, a scary encounter happened on Sunday morning.

“She spotted a man that was looking at her really weird,” the victim’s sister Bianca Hernandez said.

For the 11-year-old girl, whose identity we’re protecting, it was about to get a lot worse.

“The driver actually catches up on to her, gets out of the vehicle, and grabs her,” Hernandez said.

Now struggling for her life, it was the girl’s 15-pound beagle mix, named Ray, who saved the day.

“The dog was like, ‘Uh-uh, this is not any regular person,’ so yeah, he went for a bite in the leg and that was the only way for her to free herself,” Hernandez said.

Surveillance cameras caught the would-be child abductor leaving the complex Sunday about 9:30 a.m. The girl sprinted home. The girl’s uncle took it from there.

“The gentleman who lives in the house went racing up the block like an Olympic runner,” neighbor Patrice Moore said.

He didn’t quite catch up, but the camera shots should do.

At Pasadena police’s request, we’re not yet revealing the crystal clear shots of the suspect or the license plate.

“At this point, they know what they’re looking for,” the victim’s uncle Alan Aguilar said. “And we’ve just got to keep a close eye on the little ones.”

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