SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — Saturday was the last day for Fashion Week in the city of Springfield and it concluded with a block party and a fashion show.

In the evening there was a block party on Ben Swan Way in Mason Square, where this free event became a fashion show featuring multiple emerging designers from Springfield. The runway-style event was organized as a way to encourage and promote the arts in the city.

“We lose a lot of our economic capital going to Boston and New York and all these other places,” expressed Tiffany Allecia, the Executive Director of Springfield Creative City Collective, “We want to make sure that there are places to experience the art and creativity that we all have to have offer, right here.”

Joron Stimage-Norwood, the Founder of Fashion Week said, “So this allows people to just feel better, connect, and grow.”

Both told 22News that Fashion Week will be back and that every month there are different events focused on the creative economy.

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