FBI using new facial recognition software

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(WJZ) – The next generation identification system has been several years in the making with updates helping to expedite criminal investigations.

After capturing a robbery suspect on surveillance footage, the f-b-i can use modern technology to zero in on a criminal.

Patrick Dugan, FBI special agent, said, “With facial recognition software, we are able to quickly sift through literally millions of photographs nationwide very quickly.”

With a database of 400 million photographs of known individuals, including drivers’ license, passport or arrest photos, the FBI is able to track down suspects faster.

Dugan said, “When we are able to narrow it down from a pool of, essentially, everybody to a smaller number, maybe in single digits or maybe a few more than 10, that gives the investigator a place to start.”

Privacy advocates and civil liberties groups like the ACLU have concerns with this technology but the FBI says they do understand there is room for error.”

The next generation identification system relies on a wide range of biometrics, and not just facial recognition.

Dugan said, “Fingerprints, DNA, witness identification or any number of other means and methods to further narrow down and further positively identify an individual.”

Whether it’s a bank robbery case, abduction or terrorism matter, facial recognition is just one of many tools law enforcement relies, expanding their abilities to get criminals off the street.

Now one misconception the FBI would like to clear up: they do not use any photos from social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

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