CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – While most of us were sleeping, a meteor lit up the night sky around 1am Tuesday morning.

A fireball is formed when a meteoroid or asteroid burns up as it enters earths atmosphere, emitting a bright light as it does so. An asteroid is made up of rock, iron or ice. The American Meteor Society has a great explanation of terminology for meteors here.

This particular fireball was spotted flying over all of the New England states and from as far south as New Jersey to as far north as Maine and southern Canada. According to the American Meteor Society, more than 240 sightings of the meteor were reported including in Northampton, Montague and Shelburne Falls.

Several 22News viewers contacted our station to report the sighting and several officers of the Easthampton Police Department confirmed to 22News that they had also seen the bright light.

The Portland Police Department in Maine were able to capture video of the meteor as it lit up the sky early Tuesday morning.

Did you see it? Did you take a picture or did your home surveillance system record it? Send it to us at