Firefighters rescue boy trapped inside arcade claw machine

Surveillance video captures a first for first responders in Allentown.

The moment they are called to an area laundromat to rescue a kid stuck inside a claw machine.

“First it came in as a child trapped in a vending machine. I was thinking that someone tried to put their child into the machine and get their arm in there to pull down a Snickers bar or a Milky Way or something,” firefighter Tod Weisel said.

Nope. 2-year old Josiah Cruz wedged himself completely inside the claw machine all on his own.

Less than a minute earlier, the 2-year old wandered away from his mother who was folding laundry.

He goes into the laundromat’s play area, becomes interested in the plush teddy bears inside the machine.

So first he tries to get them using a nozzle and buttons on the machine.

When that doesn’t work, he decides to take a different approach, to climb inside.

It’s only five seconds later that mom realizes she doesn’t see her son, then realizes where he’s at, stuck in the machine. 

911 is called and puzzled emergency responders rush to rescue the 2-year old.

“We got in there and looked at the hole and how small it was and that he was actually in there. It was pretty crazy,” firefighter John Burkhart said.

It took about 10 heart-racing minutes, but eventually with a crowbar and dozens of police officers, medics, and firefighters. The little boy was out of the machine, a little messy but unscathed.

“Once he came out, she was right there, scooped him up and medics checked him out. He’s all good,” Weisel said.

Afterward, a laundromat employee offered the boy one of the teddy bears, but after all the excitement the boy turned it down.

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