Kelley Highney processes and packs every order in the comfort of her home. 

It’s called the “Bug Bite Thing”.

Highney launched it after moving from San Diego to the Acreage in Florida, realizing she was unprepared for the mosquitoes.

The new mom at the time didn’t want to use harsh chemicals on her newborn, so figured out a better way to get relief from bug bites.

“You get bit. You can remove the problem, which is the irritant under the skin. And by doing that, your body doesn’t continue to produce that reaction,” Highney said. “So you’re eliminating the problem, instead of masking it with creams.”

The mother of two says after sharing this relief remedy with her family anf friends, she worked with a manufacturer in Denmark and the Bug Bite Thing was created.

“If you’re itching, use this. Don’t scratch it. Because not only does that spread the toxins, you can completely introduce the secondary infection,” Highney said.

Bug Bite Thing fits in the palm of your hand and looks like a reverse syringe. You put the plastic tool over a bite, pull up the handles and the poison or mosquito saliva is sucked into the removable cap, that can be taken off and cleaned with water and soap.

It’s also strong enough to remove bee stingers.

“What keeps me going is that it works,” Highney said.

Highney said Bug Bite Thing is clinically proven, easy to use and perfect for sensitive skin. It’s something seniors and retirees in south Florida need when they’re outside.

“You have complete control over the suction,” the mom says it’s only the beginning.  

“I am a mom on a mission. I want everybody to at least give it a chance, and try it because it can help you,” she said.

Highney said she founded Bug Bite Thing after researching suction-based insect relief products available in Europe and Asia.  

You can purchase Bug Bite Thing right now for under $10.