Free Ring: Turning heartbreak into hope


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Engagement rings are known for signifying love, but one young Virginia Beach resident’s love story didn’t turn out exactly as planned.

So now he’s left with a ring that he wants to give away to a deserving couple.

Steven Crocker is a WAVY camera operator and an aspiring director, whose Facebook post surrounding a free engagement ring has gone viral. He sits behind the camera in the studio, never appears on TV, and he’s quiet, but he has a story to tell. It’s one of heartbreak, sadness – but it’s also one of hope.

Crocker is giving away a diamond ring he thought by now would be on the finger of the woman he fell in love with two years ago on the London Tube.

“The moment I looked into her eyes I knew that I wanted to be with her for a long time,” said Crocker.

In his eyes, a long time meant forever, so more than a year ago, he bought the ring.

“They say when you know, you know, and I thought I knew.”

The girl he loved split up with him one month before he could get down on one knee at Universal Studios after his planned Harry Potter-themed surprise.

Crocker says she loves Harry Potter. After the break-up, Crocker’s mother held onto the ring for a while. That was, until he asked for it back, days ago.

“I got the ring back and tried to sell it, but then I decided I would give it away after a lot of sad music and thinking,” said Crocker. “I still believe in love, I’m a hopeless romantic.”

So, Crocker posted a story to Facebook and the first line says: FREE ENGAGEMENT RING. Crocker wants you to email him if you are interested in the ring and if you have a love story to share.

“I want people to send me videos, photos, paragraphs, and tell me about their significant other and why they are so in love. Out of our relationship, someone is going to realize their dreams,” said Crocker. “This is not about me, this is not about her, this is about hope and not loss.”

While Crocker’s love story had a heartbreaking ending. He looks forward to having someone, somewhere, enjoy the happiness he once lost.

Steven Crocker’s email:

Crocker’s Facebook Post:


Okay, so I have an engagement ring that I bought and never got to use. No need to give the backstory, but I am still heartbroken about it.

I tried selling this ring to a handful of places and was offered a very depreciated value that I didn’t want to take because it’s not about the money, for me, it’s about love, and I’d hate to see a good ring go to waste, so I’m going to give it away. I’ve thought about this a lot and obviously by the timestamp of this post you can tell it has kept me up at night.

However, I don’t want to give it away to just anyone. I want to give it to a guy or girl who is so in love with their significant other and wants to take the next step but cannot afford a ring. I don’t think that anyone on MY friends list falls in that category, but someone out there does, which is why sharing this post is very much appreciated. I’ll send it anywhere in the US where someone is head-over-heels.

I am very aware of the possibility of being scammed for a free ring, but since this is about love I’m going to try to look past that.

Anyone who fits the above description of who I’m looking to give the ring to can email a video telling me why you deserve it ( Show me pictures of you and your significant other, tell me how you fell in love, tell me their favorite color; whatever you think will convince me of sending this ring to you. I’ll sit down with some friends one day and we’ll pick a lucky person.

It’s not the fanciest ring in the world but it can potentially make someone very happy for the rest of their life.

Here are the details: Size 3.5 (can be resized for relatively cheap), 1/2ct, 14KT White Gold. I bought it brand new for $1,700 so $free.99 is a great deal as long as it goes to someone who appreciates it.

Addendum 3/6, 7pm: I have no ill-will toward my ex. Comments that are less than nice about her are not welcomed. I will not delete any comments, but be mindful of what you are saying and who is able to see it. She is a phenomenal person and doesn’t deserve anything bad to be said about her. Life happens. It’s okay. This gesture is bigger than her or me. Thank you.”

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