Frosty the snowman stabbed by Grinch


(CNN) – Looking at the all of the holiday displays in peoples’ yards is fun this time of year. However one Christmas Grinch was caught on camera vandalizing one.

It’s kind of chilling to hear that Frosty the snowman has been stabbed?!

Jeff Diggs, Homeowner said, “It’s just mean-spirited. It’s silly vandalism.”

St. Louis resident Jeff Diggs discovered the diabolical attack on his inflatable snowman when he came home from work.

Diggs said, “That’s when I saw the big hole that had been gashed in his side.”

He immediately checked his surveillance camera video. At 11:22 pm a masked passenger jumps out of a pickup and makes a beeline for frosty, viciously stabbing him, then trying to cut the rope, and finally escaping in the getaway vehicle.

What could be sadder than watching frosty slowly, slowly ever so slowly deflate. The good news is he has recovered, but he did require extensive surgery.

Diggs said, “Put 9 stiches in him. He’s doing well.”

To pay Frosty’s “medical bills”, Diggs jokingly set up a go fund me page where the modest proceeds will actually go to charity.

He used “how the Grinch stole Christmas” to attack the attacker by posting the surveillance video with a soundtrack.

Diggs didn’t bother to call police, figuring they have more important things to investigate. So the frosty slasher remains at large.

And you can’t blame frosty for being nervous. After experiencing this.

“You’re a monster Mr. Grinch.”

If you would like to contribute to the go-fund-me page, look for “Frosty’s assault by Grinch”

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