WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWLP) – Multiple companies making false claims attempting to sell COVID-19 treatments have been warned to stop by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The FTC issued cease and desist orders to 25 companies that say their products can treat or prevent COVID-19. The companies were selling legally unverified treatments such as vitamin C infusions, Ivermectin, peptide therapies, herbal remedies, teas, juices, filtered water, nasal irrigation, and seaweed extract.

The companies are alleged to have used social media to advertise and sell their products. They have 48 hours to report corrections in their advertising to the FTC. Non compliance could lead to being sued and facing fines under the 2020 COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act.

The FTC offers these reminders about COVID-19 treatment scams:

  • When there’s a medical breakthrough to treat, prevent, or cure a disease, you’re not going to hear about it for the first time through an ad or sales pitch.
  • Always talk with your doctor or healthcare professional before you try any product claiming to treat, prevent, or cure COVID-19.
  • Visit CDC.gov and the FDA.gov for the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 and its variants.

Since 2020 the FTC has issued over 400 warnings to companies making false promises about COVID-19 treatments.