CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The price of gas is impossible to miss as many across the state are pinching pennies to afford their everyday commute.

22News visited a gas station Thursday to get an idea of whether drivers are starting to limit their travel. It’s the story that everyone is talking about. Pain at the pump. The current average price for gas in Massachusetts is about $4.73, which is causing many people to stay home and avoid using their cars until prices come down.

Just as fast as gas prices went down, they are going back up in record numbers. It has had many drivers worried about their budget, trying the save where they can, and some drivers are limiting their travel.

“I do feel as though that people are scaling back on traveling and driving and there being more focus on where their destination is going to be and so it’s high. Prices are very high and it’s a damper in everyone’s situation,” said Robert L. Jones in Springfield.

The prices are also affecting the older generation.

“As a retiree with a limited income it’s harder for a lot of us senior citizens, and we’re feeling the pain at the gas pump. And feeling the pain at the stores,” said Larry Long of Longmeadow.

Many people are starting to reach that breaking point, yet not everyone has that choice and has to pay the expensive gas price. Many are starting to put their gas on credit cards or they are not going out or they are waiting for gas prices to go back down.

The surge in gasoline prices is a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine causing oil to rise astronomically worldwide. But here in the Commonwealth people are trying to save by carpooling to places or using gas rewards.

“I definitely do shop at our local big y and I try to utilize those points as well and try to ensure that I am more conscious of my budget,” said Robert L. Jones of Springfield.

Another way to save is by doing your research on GasBuddy before heading out to the pumps to get the most bang for your buck.