(WWLP) – According to Triple-AAA, the long run of steady gas prices has come to an end.

The price at the pump is back on the rise. Gas prices are up 10 cents across the U.S. The national average slowly reapproaching $4 a gallon.

Prices in the commonwealth specifically have also climbed 10 cents in the last week. However, it is still roughly 30 cents lower than the national average of $3.58. The commonwealth set a record for prices back in June at just over $5 for a gallon of regular.

Here is a look at prices around western Massachusetts. Average prices in our region are below the state average. With the lowest prices in Franklin County. Berkshire and Hampshire Counties are roughly the same per gallon and Hampden Country is in the middle at $3.5.

While experts say that prices will continue to fluctuate, it’s unlikely we return to that peak high in June