(WWLP) – Gas has officially reached a tipping point, Americans now looking for lifestyle changes to keep up with record-breaking prices.

22News spoke with people who are reducing travel, working remotely, and some even closing their businesses as gas prices reach record highs locally and beyond.

Another day another dollar more, at the pump. This harsh reality as pump prices reaches record-breaking numbers across the state. According to AAA, the state average sits at $4.35.

Mark Schieldrop, AAA spokesperson, told 22News, “at $4.00 a gallon they are going to be forced to make decisions and find ways to save that may be pretty drastic like driving less or carpooling or combining trips and being really strategic about driving.”

For some people, it means looking into fuel-efficient vehicles to reduce daily commutes by working remotely.

“You’re going to have to cut things down and plan your day instead of just going to the site and going home and going to another store you’re gonna plan those trips to try to save mileage,” said Mark Zayac of Plymouth. said Mark Zayac of Plymouth.

22News also spoke with Hector Villa who owns Motors and Trucking. Villa hails from Arizona and the price at the pump is impacting his business.

When I turn around and look at the fuel pump and every day it’s increments of 30 cents to a dollar it’s getting to a point where I made up my mind I’m shutting the company down,” Villa said.

Right now, there is talk at the State House as to whether or not Governor Baker will suspend the gas tax to ease the financial burden but at this time they are still looking for ways to provide relief in the coming days.

In the meantime enrolling in gas reward programs at your local grocery store or wholesale club, or carpooling are a few economic options.