(WWLP) – After months of record price increases, the average cost of a gallon of gas has eased, now sitting at $4.98 according to Triple-A.

It’s not much of a dip from the previous high of more than $5, but it is a small sign of relief after constant price hikes.

GasBuddy data indicates the cheapest station in Springfield charged $4.54 per gallon Sunday, while the most expensive station charged $5.59 per gallon, resulting in a difference of $1.05/g.

A difference of $1.15/g separated the lowest and highest price in Massachusetts Sunday, both at $4.54/g.

Slight drop at local stations a pleasant surprise, while President considers gas tax holiday

While it sounds counter-intuitive, an economic downturn could be useful for drivers. Slower than expected economic growth, could cause crude oil demand to decline, leading gas prices to follow suit.