SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A family is asking for kindness, saying a memorial for their loved one on State Street in Springfield keeps getting taken down. The family of Gayle Ball said they know the memorial is not being taken down by the city, so they’re asking whoever is doing this to stop.

On May 2020 more than 4,000 butterflies witnessed Gayle Ball exchange vows with George Miller, the co-owner of Magic Wings in Deerfield.

“The first time he took me into the conservatory I was planning our wedding,” said Gayle Ball in May of 2020.

The couple was planning to have a larger celebration in November of 2021. But just before that wedding Gayle was hit by a car on State Street.

“She was talking to the people here on the street about how she was getting married in three days before they took her to the hospital. And, so we kind of thought, ‘well she was talking maybe things were okay’, but they weren’t,” expressed Gayle’s Sister-in-Law, Kathy Fiore.

Gayle later died at the hospital. Shortly after, George’s sister, Kathy Fiore said they put out wedding flowers that Gayle had arranged herself. But those were stolen, something Kathy said keeps happening. The hardest moment was on Wednesday.

“The sound of his voice when he said everything is gone, it was such a metaphor for everything that’s happening with him. It’s just heartbreaking and it’s just so unnecessary to have our family suffer more than we already are,” expressed Fiore.

While items keep getting stolen from this memorial the family said they are going to continue to do this because this is how they feel close to Gayle.

“He drives down here once or twice a week. Maybe even more that I don’t know about. If he’s able to get some sort of comfort or some sort of peace where his wife spent her last few moments of her life, then I say please just let us have this for him,” said Fiore.

Kathy hopes people see the memorial and remember to slow down. She added she hopes a trial date is set in court on Friday.