WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Epipens are life saving medical devices used when people are having an allergic reaction.

Physician Assistant at Western Mass Pediatrics Bethany Williams told 22News “It’s something that you should have on you at all times. Any time you go out or a child is going to school they should have one on hand because a lot of times we don’t actually know what the allergen is that they had an allergic reaction to in the past.”

Mylan Corporation over time increased the prices of Epipens from $100 to $600 for a two-pack. But now, there’s a cheaper generic epinephrine injector on the market. This generic epinephrine auto injector will be available at all CVS Pharmacy locations at the lowest cash price on the market. It’ll cost patients a little over 100 dollars for 2 injectors. It’s FDA approved and contains the same active ingredient as an Epipen.

“Individuals that had to use that would not notice any difference whatsoever, it’s just a slightly different mechanism than the brand name Epipen,” said David Gamblin, Director of Pharmacy at Holyoke Medical Center.

Having a cheaper and equally effective option will be a welcome change. Nearly 150,000 people had signed a petition asking for lower cost options, and millions were active on social media searching for a solution.

William’s said even if your symptoms go away after using any type of epinephrine injector, it’s important to immediately seek emergency medical attention.