Girl pleas for Syrian children in a letter to Trump


(CNN) – The travel ban by U.S. President Trump indefinitely suspends refugee admissions from Syria. Before escaping the city of Aleppo, seven-year-old Bana al-Abed used twitter to show the world how terrifying life is under a brutal civil war and she wrote a letter to President Trump.

Bana al-Abed said, “If you promise me you will do something for the children of Syria, I am already your new friend”.

Bana’s letter to President Trump last month was full of hope that America’s new leader would hear her pleas. Pleas from the seven year old refugee who became the face and voice of Syria’s children

After tweeting with her mother about life under siege in Aleppo, but far from extending a hand of friendship, America’s president slammed the door.

Ana and her family know they are more fortunate than others because of Bana’s high profile they were granted asylum in turkey in December. At a park in Ankara, war seems like a distant memory. Bana’s three year old brother Nour, born into war, had never been to a playground before arriving in turkey.

Bana Al-Abed said, “I am very happy. So much safe and peace and play. There is no bombing”.

At the age of five, her brother Mohammed is too young to remember life before war. The impact is evident. Whenever he sees strangers, Mohammed hides.

Fatemah says there’s no escaping the trauma they suffered. Now, her children are overwhelmed by the simplest of things.

Fatima al-Abed said, “When they saw this fruit, vegetables, and sweets and milk, clean water my kids thought they were in heaven.”

Fatemah and Bana want to keep speaking out for Syrian refugees. They hope President Trump would quote “delete his decision”.

Fatima Al-Abed said, “Like he has now the power to ban the people, he has the power to make a difference in this world and make all the world work for supporting the Syrian people and refugees and stop the war.”

Bana might be too young to understand why the American president may not have the time to write back to a little Syrian refugee girl. “I sent him a letter asking him to help Syrian children. I would love Syrian children to stay alive, she says. But he banned Syrians. But children are not terrorists”.

A plea from a child, once in danger, now in safety-for the millions of others living in fear.

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