BOSTON (WWLP) – Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey included critical reproductive health care funds in her FY2023 supplemental budget.

A $1 million public education campaign on anti-abortion centers is included in the FY2023 supplemental budget, and $250K is allocated for the Abortion Legal Hotline.

According to a news release from Reproductive Equity Now, the funding for a public education campaign is to help educate providers and the public about anti-abortion centers’ deceptive practices and their lack of medical services, as well as where people can access legitimate medical and family planning services throughout the state. Abortion Legal Hotline funding will support staff answering calls, managing security, coordinating among lawyers, and frequently updating resources; continuing legal training to reflect the changing legal landscape; translation of the Hotline into multiple languages; and public education, including digital advertising, about the Hotline’s availability.

In the first budget of her term, Governor Healey is making her deep commitment to reproductive freedom clear by approving these critical investments for abortion access,” said Reproductive Equity Now President Rebecca Hart Holder. “Governor Healey has worked for years to put an end to anti-abortion centers’ deceptive practices, and she knows that a multilingual public education campaign that meets people in their communities will be key to ensuring every person across Massachusetts knows where to access unbiased, legitimate reproductive health care. As the abortion landscape continues to change by the day, funding for the Abortion Legal Hotline will be more important than ever before to expand the resource’s reach and provide more patients and providers with legal advice and assurance to access and obtain abortion care in our Commonwealth. We’re grateful to Governor Healey and the Massachusetts Legislature for continuing to make our state a model for reproductive equity in a post-Roe America.”