MONSON, Mass. (WWLP) – With a longstanding history in western Massachusetts communities, Monson Savings Bank celebrates its 150th anniversary this year.

Springfield’s Healing Racism Institute received a $5,000 donation for their efforts to understand the root causes and effects of racism, as well as the institutional nature of racism. In a safe and engaging environment, the Institute’s two-day Healing Racism sessions provide valuable insights into the impact of racism on both the nation and community.

“Monson Savings Bank supports the Healing Racism Institute of Pioneer Valley and the important work that they are doing for our communities,” said Dan Moriarty, President and CEO of Monson Savings Bank. “We commend them for all of the work that they do to make the world a better place, specifically working to make the communities we live in a better place. Monson Savings is a local bank, meaning everyone who works at the Bank lives here. We are working, raising our families, and living in the communities that the Healing Racism Institute serves. The organization holds a special place in our hearts because they are making the places we live a better, more equitable place.”

To become self-sustaining within three years, Healing Racism Institute will build infrastructure and capacity with the contribution of Monson Savings Bank. Using the funds, the organization will hire staff, create a training center, increase the number of facilitators trained, and support scholarship programs.